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April Construction Update

FRESNO, CA. -- The April Construction Update focuses on progress made at several project sites in Construction Package 2-3 including one of our newer locations Excelsior Avenue just north of the city of Hanford. You'll also get a look for the first time under the Fresno Trench, the only below-grade project in Construction Package 1.

Latest Developments

  • California High-Speed Rail Authority Response to Federal Railroad Administration February 19, 2019 Letter

    Image of Letter

    Today, the Authority sent a response to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Administrator Ron Batory’s February 19, 2019, letter notifying to take back federal funds directed to the nation’s first truly high-speed rail project. Authority CEO Brian Kelly informed Administrator Batory that withdrawing federal funds from this project is unwarranted, unprecedented and harmful to the people and the economy of the Central Valley, California and the nation.

  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Status Report

    The ARRA, issued on January 31, 2019, is the first of four quarterly annual reports the California High-Speed Rail Authority is issuing related to the high-speed rail program and our federal funding grant agreement. This report reflects the status of the work we are doing to comply with the agreement, it identifies the risks to cost and schedule, as well as the actions we are taking to mitigate those risks. This report is a snapshot in time, so subsequent reports will reflect changes to project status as warranted. Read the cover letter. Read the report.

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